ICTA Core Values

These values, along with our statement of faith (Statement of Faith), highlight ICTA’s primary beliefs and principles of how we go about our work.  They define both who we are and what we do.     

We believe in…


We believe that relationship with God is distinct yet intrinsically seamless to every aspect of life (home, profession, ministry, culture…) For example, in every profession seamlessness extends to us as workers, our workplace(s), and to the work itself.

God’s Sovereignty

  • We believe in pursuing intentional intimate relationship with God
  • We believe principles and actions should be Bible-based and Spirit-led
  • We are committed to ask, listen, obey in any context…giving Him glory.

 Transformation through Influence

  • We believe that the Holy Spirit uses deep trust relationships to inspire and motivate people to be transformed.
  • We believe transformation results in servant-hearted individuals and communities that reflect excellence through humility, competence through calling, empowering through serving, integrity through honor, knowledge through wisdom, skill through artistry.
  • We are committed to communities transformed to move digital culture from over confidence in man’s control to total reliance on God.

 Extending the Kingdom

  • We believe God inspires people with wisdom and understanding to interpret His purposes and design in our multi-cultural context.
  • We believe high tech tools, processes, evaluation methods and more can be intentionally purposed to extend His Kingdom in humble, creative ways.
  • We are committed to outreach both among those who have little or no access to the Gospel and among those with access (yet don’t understand.)

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