ICTA Vision & Mission

 We envision communities of Kingdom influence around the world that transform digital culture.

We provide spiritual and technology tools to help build, equip and enhance communities—SLTy * communities that reveal God’s character through promoting a Spirit-led worldview of total dependence on God even in high tech.

 * SLTy is Spirit-Led Technology

To do this we:

  1. Reveal the problems of the view that technology is separate and independent of God.
  2. Magnify God’s sovereignty over digital culture by demonstrating tangible real world results of submission to God’s leading.
  3. Develop and apply SLTy principles in community building technologies.
  4. Teach and impart how to recognize technology or data misuse and abuse, and how to create or configure it to better reflect Kingdom values.
  5. Equip community influencers to:
  • Discover SLTy principles
  • Discern God’s specific purposes in their context
  • Engage our digital culture with intentional SLTy insight to address current challenges such as opportunity and outcome evaluation, digital relationship, privacy abuse, security…

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