Spirit-led Technology

A Biblical worldview of high tech and its influence in the world.

Have you ever reflected on the big picture of just how much modern technology has changed our lives? It’s unlike any other time in human history. Technology’s tools, methods and systems have accelerated change almost beyond imagination.

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Spirit-Led Technology
Premise Technology is man-made, not part of God’s will. God is the author and designer of Technology; God created man in His image, which includes our ability to create and use technology, inspired by Him.

God is the Master Craftsman; He pours out the gift of His Spirit into technologists as with other believers.

Technology did not begin as man’s idea.

Purpose Technology is for comfort, control and speed-efficiency. God inspires Technology as a reflection of Himself and to glorify Him; these purposes can be usurped and despoiled by Man or Satan.
Principles Technology is “neutral,” not spiritual. Technology is best when it is created and used to intentionally reflect God in all His glory. Apart from God, it more easily reflects fallen human nature with hidden spiritual traps. Technology loses “neutrality” as soon as people are involved; i.e. the first time it is imagined.
Practice Technology enables our initiatives to have improved control, human control, seemingly over every aspect of life. God wants us to create and use technology under His ongoing invitation and direction; we’re foolish to presume we’re in control.
Potential Our highest vision for technology is moral stewardship, exercising careful control over these powerful tools and methods. By restoring God to His rightful place, technology can be redeemed to help bring us into deep relationship with one another and with the God who loves us, and help draw the world into right/intimate relationship with Him.

This may seem a blatantly “spiritual” perspective, and it is—deliberately so. God has revealed it in His word; this is what we have experienced and seen with our own eyes. As technologists, our journey started with believing and living it ourselves. Now, we are learning how best to “interpret” and share with others.

As we learn to more intentionally and seamlessly acknowledge the spiritual nature of technology’s methods, systems and underlying data, God’s guidance is making the results distinctively different. We’re learning to submit with faith and hope to God’s guidance and Lordship over every aspect of our lives—seamlessly—at home, work, and more.


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