Through YOU in Community…

A Spirit-led Community

Can you envision…our high tech world today, teeming with people who care about technology’s impact on our culture? Who are intentional about its use, creation, development and application? Who choose to take responsibility for their impact and influence on our world, by living out a SLTy biblical worldview by engaging people, improving processes …
for God.

SLTy Communities are a place to fellowship—to share thoughts, ideas, questions, prayers, answers to prayers. A place to deliberate and challenge one another; a place to create, develop, implement and apply technology and processes; a place to intentionally worship the one Who inspires this message and this community. Each one participating has a purpose. As we are discipled with one another through the Holy Spirit, each of us can personally grow to understand a bit more some of the ‘who, why, what, how’ questions of our life journeys. Together we fulfill some of God’s designed purposes for the technologies of our age.

This website is being designed as a place to inspire, empower and promote such communities. We’re just getting started… much more content to put in place, and resources for connecting with others.

We invite you to participate!

Click the “SLTy Journey” button and join us in discovering more together…

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Existing & Emerging SLTy Community Groups (New groups will form as needed, even in the same city)

 Where  When Group Meets Contact Info  Other Notes
USA, Colorado, Colorado Springs Monthly or More ICTA, [email protected] SLTy Community Pilot/Test Team… (In process)
Other cities and nations… Locations, timing, etc depend on expressed interest, and availability of leadership, host sites, etc. Please tell us of your interest!


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